One Million Tickets

Last week we hit a very exciting milestone.

After less than a year since we released UserVoice Helpdesk, there have officially been one million tickets received by Helpdesk accounts.

We've sent the account that received the millionth ticket this very special certificate to thank them for being part of this. Keep your eyes peeled…it could be arriving in your mailbox!

certificate for receiving the millionth uservoice ticket

This is the work of an extremely talented, dedicated, and growing team. But it’s also a sign that an increasing number of companies are demanding a better experience, both for their team and for their customers. These are people who want to have a conversation with their customers…and they want their tools to make this easy.

A hearty congrats to our team and thank you to our customers. We’re going to keep making this thing better for you.

-Richard White
CEO, UserVoice