Today we’re launching brand-new plans and giving our customers $258,000 in savings. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You read that right. EVERY UserVoice plan now comes with feedback forums, support ticket, and knowledge base, so no matter what plan you’re on you now have access to all our functionality. And they’re even more affordable.

Best of all? We’re giving all our existing users the option to switch to our new plans to gain access to new features and, in some cases, save some cold, hard cash. In fact, over the next year we’re going to save existing customers more than $258,000 and give all 110,000+ accounts access to feedback forum, support tickets, and knowledge base tools. Happy Valentine’s Day… we’re crazy about you!

$258,000 in savings for our customers over the next 12 months.
119,374 accounts (hint: that’s all of em!) now have both UserVoice Helpdesk & Feedback.

What does this mean for you?
Many of you should get an email today with a link to the plans page. We’ll show you which plan we recommend and what you’re going to gain, and we’ll walk you through the process of upgrading plans. Most people fall into one of two camps:

On a Feedback or Helpdesk plan?
Once you upgrade plans, you’ll get access to all the stuff you didn’t have before. If you were on Feedback, you now also have access to our helpdesk product. If you were on one of our Helpdesk plans, you now have access to our feedback product.

On a Full Service plan?
You’re a smart cookie and already have access to all these features. However, most of you—unless you’re on a free or discounted plan—will save money once you switch to the new plan.

None of the features you currently have will go away.
We know how to treat our Valentines right. If you’re an existing customer and upgrade to a new plan, we’ll grandfather in your existing features. In other words, you won’t lose a single thing.

You MUST choose a new plan… we won’t automatically switch you.
Be sure to follow the link we email you to upgrade plans. If you don’t upgrade your plan, you won’t get the new features/savings. Please note that only account owners can change plans. Double-check in your Admin Console who your owner is!

Still have questions?
Feel free to drop us a line – we’re happy to talk you through how these changes will affect you. You can also sign up for our Feedback eye for the Helpdesk guy (or gal) or Helpdesk eye for the Feedback guy (or gal) webinars.

By the way… we also have a brand-new website that should better explain what our product is capable of doing. Scope it out and let us know what you think!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Richard White
Founder & CEO, UserVoice