Introducing off duty. Because you deserve to take a break.

Most of the features we add are all about making you happier and more efficient while you’re on the job. Not this one though. It’s called “off duty” and it’s all about making it easier for you not to work (crazy, I know).

You’ll now find a link to go off duty in the top nav of your admin console (hint: just click on the person with the great smile in the upper right):

(3) Demo - Admin Console [] 3.30.50 PM

While you’re off duty two things happen:

  1. If an user responds to a ticket that you’re assigned to it will go back to being unassigned so someone else on your team can pick it up.

  2. Any rules that assign specific types of tickets directly to you are skipped.

You can probably already imagine but there’s a couple scenarios where this is useful:

When you go on vacation

And based on what I’ve seen on your Ticket Insights report, you really deserve a vacation ;)

When you end your shift for the day

This won’t apply to everyone (here at UserVoice we’d rather you continue the conversation with the agent you started talking to) but perhaps you’re on a team that does 24/7 support and response times are what’s most important. You go off duty so the next shift can pick up where you left off.

When you only answer tickets part-time

Perhaps you’re a developer that dives into the support queue every Monday but you don’t want to be distracted by writing follow-up messages two days later.

Cool, right? When you back from Cabo you’ll simply click this big button at the top of the page and you’re back in action:

Ticket_ demo test - Admin Console []

And if you have access to your account settings, you can not only see which agents are currently off duty but you can change their on/off study status yourself.

Settings - Admin Console [] 3.30.50 PM

Because we want everyone to be able to take a vacation in peace, off duty functionality is available on all UserVoice plans. Let us know what you think on or on the Twitterverse @UserVoice.


Richard White