Announcing the GetSatisfaction Refugee Discount

It has recently come to our attention that citizens of a neighboring kingdom are less than satisfied. Apparently the local lord has imposed a significant and regressive tax increase that’s put a big burden on those that had previously been paying the least. These folks have been streaming over the border into UserVoice-ville where I’m happy to report they’ve flourished under our extremely low, or in some case zero, taxes and a multitude of local services they didn’t have in their previous homeland. Take this stirring account from a recent immigrant:

Why we switched from GetSatisfaction (and to UserVoice… And how.

Or this heartwarming comment from a recent satisfaction survey:

Because it’s great. I’m only using the free version at the moment, because that does what I need, but when I scale up, I’ll be happy to pay.

I’m very glad I switched from GetSatisfaction

These refugees have been coming in increasing numbers, and though our one-step immigration process (aka our import tools) makes the trek pretty painless and quick, we recognize that it’s still time you could spend in other ways.

Thus I’ve authorized a special discount for GetSatisfaction refugees of 25% off for the first 6 months (on top of our 30 days for free policy) to ease integration into UserVoice-ville.

To take advantage you simply need to sign up with the discount code WELCOMEHOME and use our one step import tool. And if you have any questions at all about the discount, signing up or the import process our friendly greeters are standing by at

Welcome friends. We hope you find your home here!

Richard White

* Because some of you have asked, we have a history of not only grandfathering existing accounts when there are plan changes but also reducing prices, sometimes quite significantly.