Dashboard updates

Over the last year we’ve been introducing new tools to capture more data about your users and their feedback, and new reports to provide valuable insights. Now when you go to your UserVoice dashboard, you’ll get a quick overview of all this information, including open tickets, active ideas, current Instant Answer rate, satisfaction score, and # of active users. You can also click on any of the primary stats to drill into their corresponding report.


We’ve also replaced the visitors graph (which only reported web portal activity) with a new usage graph. This new graph shows the overall number of people who have actively interacted with your UserVoice account as well as where they are using your UserVoice account, be it your UserVoice web portal, a Javascript widget embedded in your web app or site, or from within your Android or iOS app using our native mobile SDK.

The new dashboard is now available on all accounts. If you’re on an older plan and would like to gain access to our new Satisfaction scores and User Insights, you can migrate your plan today!

Important notice: Security Update: the Heartbleed Bug

On April 7, 2014 a critical vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptography library was announced as CVE-2014-160, otherwise known as the heartbleed bug. This vulnerability allows stealing the information protected under normal conditions by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. Information that is susceptible to attack includes private server keys, SSL certificates, and user session information.

After a thorough review, we have no indication that any attack has been used against any uservoice.com account or subdomain, and are continuing to monitor the situation closely.

What we are doing about it

As of April 8, 7:43 am PST, our engineering team had patched openssl across all of our servers on the public facing internet. After confirming that the patch was successful and that no UserVoice domain was susceptible to attack, we proceeded to replace all private server keys in our infrastructure. We’ve also replaced our SSL certificates and are in the process of revoking our old certificates. We’ll be reaching out separately to those customers that have hosted SSL certificates with us.

Additionally, we will be forcefully resetting all user sessions this afternoon which will require logging back into our app. We’re taking this step as an extra precaution to protect your sensitive information.

Extra precautions that you can take

If you would like to take extra steps towards protecting your information, we would recommend resetting your password and api tokens. Once again, we have no information that would indicate that any UserVoice account has been attacked, but it’s always a good idea to keep your passwords fresh.

We hope this answers any question that you have regarding this bug and the steps we’ve taken, and if there is any concern, please feel free to contact us at support@uservoice.com.

(Lots of) iterative improvements to our widget

Last fall we launched our new widget, including many new features like User Satisfaction, SmartVote, and an improved Instant Answers flow. Now it’s even better with several design improvements as well as optimizations for mobile websites.

(If you’re already using the new UserVoice widget, these changes have been applied automatically so there’s nothing for you to update! If you’re still using our Classic widget, check out your account’s widget settings to get started with the latest and greatest.)

This post goes into some of the thinking behind the design improvements we’ve made.


Updates to Inspector, bulk actions, and more!

While we’re hard at work with some exciting new functionality for UserVoice, we’re also constantly working on the little things that add up. Here’s a roundup of a few of those changes we’ve recently rolled out.

See when and where your users are

Inspector now includes the user’s latest known location and local time (if we don’t know the user’s location-based IP address, this information will not be visible). This is great when responding to tickets because you get a better sense of whether someone is nearing the end of their day – or just getting up!

User location and time

New “Company Insights” gadget

Our new Company Insights gadget looks up a user’s email domain and, if they’re from a major corporation, it pulls in any related Forbes and Alexa information about their company.

Company Insights gadget

Search tickets by created and updated date ranges

For a long while you’ve been able to search for tickets by created or updated, but were limited to specific ranges like today, yesterday, week, month, and year. Now you can search for tickets that were created and updated within specific date ranges.

This immediately benefits the Ticket Insights report, which allows you to choose specific date ranges for reporting. Now, when you click into a specific list of tickets via the Ticket Insights report, you’ll see the actual tickets created within that date range.

You can also search date ranges directly with the created_start, created_end, updated_start, and updated_end search operators. For example: created_start:”2014-03-24″ created_end:”2014-03-28″.

Search tickets by date range

Learn more about how to use search operators on our knowledge base.

Set custom field values for multiple tickets at a time

In addition to our existing ticket bulk actions, you can now set one or many custom fields on as many tickets as you like. This can be really useful if you get a bunch of tickets about the same thing and want to categorize them using custom fields.

As an added bonus, you can now bulk Open tickets as well.

Export articles to Excel

Until recently the only way to export your UserVoice articles was to export all of your account data. If you had a really large account, this could take a very long time. One day, Claire said, “hey guys, why can’t our customers just export articles the same way they can export tickets?” and we said to ourselves, “that’s a great idea!” So, now you can export just the articles you want to.

 Export articles to Excel

We hope you enjoy these updates!

Phased Rollout of New Backend Improvements

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be deploying some major backend changes to our product. While you won’t notice any interface or feature changes, the upgrades will make things even more stable, and will make it easier for our developers to create awesome new features.

This is a significant refactoring, so we’ll be rolling this out slowly. At first we will randomly select accounts to upgrade – if yours is one, you’ll see an orange banner at the top of your admin console. While we don’t expect any major problems, if you see anything that’s not working as expected, please send an email right away with a detailed description of the issue to questions@uservoice.com and we’ll get right on it!


Ted Choper
Head of Customer Success

Please join us in opposing mass government surveillance

Last year we came out in opposition of SOPA and today we’re coming out in opposition to the revelations of mass surveillance of private user content by the U.S. government. As a platform used by thousands of web companies to communicate with their users, we take privacy very seriously. Unfortunately the U.S. government does not and its invasion of everyone’s privacy, both in the U.S. and abroad, not only threatens our liberty but also our business model: for why would you trust a U.S.-based internet company if its government could be looking at your data. Because our business is based on an internet that is both open and secure, we will combat anything that threatens that status quo.


Thus we’re joining the multitude of other internet businesses and institutions in The Day We Fight Back and asking you to help us by contacting your local legislators and demand an end to unfettered government survelliance.

Thank you.

Richard White
Founder, CEO

New! UserVoice iOS SDK 3.0

We’re excited to announce version 3.0 of our iOS SDK! Optimized for iOS 7 apps for both iPhone and iPad, our latest iOS SDK has not only been updated visually, but also includes an improved Instant Answers™ flow, an easier way for people to support and subscribe to ideas, and dozens of bugfixes and tweaks. The latest code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/uservoice/uservoice-ios-sdk.

Improved Instant Answers flow

The new SDK also includes an updated Instant Answers flow, making it easier for your users to find relevant articles from your UserVoice knowledge base or similar ideas before submitting a new ticket or feedback. This helps your customers get the help they need faster, while reducing the amount of repetitive support requests you have to respond to. In addition, the latest SDK includes a new Instant Answers API. UserVoice already keeps track of your Instant Answer rate, and provides insights into the common questions your users have, and our new API will enable even more insights into which articles and ideas people have viewed when submitting feedback, which ones were helpful, and which ones were not.

UserVoice iOS SDK 3.0 - Instant Answers

Subscribe to ideas without vote limits

Similar to our new widget and Android SDK, our iOS SDK has replaced the traditional 1-3 vote system with a simple “I want this” option. This allows users to quickly and easily subscribe to updates on ideas they like and post new ideas, all without having to manage their vote limits. This vastly improves the experience for your users, allowing them to follow any idea that interests them without introducing barriers.

UserVoice iOS SDK 3.0 - Subscribe to Ideas

Simplified stylesheet API

As with our Android SDK, the base design follows the latest platform-specific best practices, focussing on a seamless in-app experience for your iOS users rather than introducing proprietary designs. In addition, customizing the UserVoice SDK to match the styles of your iOS app has just gotten a lot simpler with our new stylesheet API.

Easier to install and configure

Developers have told us that integrating the UserVoice iOS SDK into their apps is pretty straight forward, but we went ahead and made it even easier with a new SDK builder in your UserVoice account settings. In addition, we’ve added support for CocoaPods to make installing and updating the SDK even faster.

Mobile SDK Settings

To get started with the latest SDK, visit your account’s Mobile SDK settings. If you don’t have a UserVoice account yet, you can sign up for free! As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

Announcing the UserVoice Incubator program

We were once a startup ourselves. Writing code and deploying new versions of UserVoice from the back seat of cars (and sometimes Caltrain) on our way to customer meetings. Sleeping with our laptops. Being generally broke. Oops, I mean “lean” :)

As we start approaching on our 6th year anniversary we’re looking for ways to give back and empower the next generation of amazing app companies.

To do that we’re working with some of the worlds top incubator programs to provide their portfolio companies with a year of unlimited UserVoice usage (any plan, any number of admins). To qualify these companies simply need to be under two years old and have less than $100K in revenue. They can then request their discount code from our fancy new UserVoice for Startups page.

We’d also love to get more top quality incubators into the program as well so feel free to tell someone at your program to apply using the incubator application link on that same page. Someone will review the application and get back to you shortly thereafter.

Stay thirsty lean, my friends!

Richard White
Founder/CEO, UserVoice

PS If you think I’m kidding about the back seat of cars and being broke stuff check out my (old) talk on the early days of UserVoice.

UserVoice is this year’s CRM Idol!

Forty amazing companies.

Two rounds of intense interviews by some of the smartest people in our industry.

One video about an ice cream bike.

Thousands of votes and well wishes from all of you, truly the best customers a company could ever have.

Just based on how much you supported us in this process already made us feel like winners but today it’s official:

UserVoice is this year’s CRM Idol!

Thank you again to Paul Greenberg and the team at CRM Idol.

Thank you to you our fans, friends and customers: the reason we come to work every day.

Thank you to the entire UserVoice team, past and present, in San Francisco, Raleigh and places in between for being dedicated to our mission of changing the way companies understand and support their customers.

If you’re in Raleigh or San Francisco: the drinks, and the ice cream, are on us!

Happy holidays!

Richard White

We need your support to become the next CRM Idol!

I’m asking for a friendly favor that’ll only take 2-3 minutes of your time.

Though you may have not heard of it before, CRM Idol is a serious award presided over by some the smartest people in our industry. Forty companies entered the competition this year and we’re honored that UserVoice is one of the five finalists. But we’re a competitive bunch. We really want to win and we need your help to do that!

Watch our video below, check out our review, or even check out all the other finalists but above all else…

Please vote for UserVoice to be the next CRM Idol!

Thank you so much from myself and the entire UserVoice family. Happy holidays!

Richard White
CEO, UserVoice